M&M’s to Spotlight ‘Almost Champions’ Ring in Super Bowl LVIII Commercial

M&M’s just released the teaser video of the “Almost Champions” TV spot that will air during the first quarter of Super Bowl LVIII on February 11 on CBS. In the lighthearted look at professional footballers who had stellar careers but never won a championship ring, M&M’s steps in with a “Ring of Comfort” adorned with lab-grown diamonds derived from M&M’s peanut butter.

The teaser spotlights the beloved M&M’s characters providing comfort to three NFL Hall of Fame Legends who just missed earning a Super Bowl ring in their respective Big Game appearances – Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins, 1985), Terrell Owens (Philadelphia Eagles, 2005) and Bruce Smith (Buffalo Bills, 4 times, 1991-1994).

Designed to look like Super Bowl bling, the first-of-its kind Almost Champions ring is crafted in 14-karat gold and adorned with a diamond-encrusted replica of Mars’ beloved M&M’s Orange character. The character is holding a football and giving the peace sign while standing in cleats against a field of orange-red baguettes.

When the ring top is twisted open, a secret internal compartment reveals a mini replica of a football stadium designed to snugly house a single Peanut Butter M&M’s candy.

The minute-long teaser video mimics the style of a blockbuster movie trailer.

“In a world where Super Bowl winners get the world’s admiration and the fancy ring, but the runners-up get nothing, one retired quarterback returns to claim what’s his,” announces the Yellow M&Ms character in an exaggerated movie trailer voice. Shown on the screen is Marino, captioned as “The Almost Champion.”

The video then transitions into the science of making lab-grown diamonds from carbon-based products. Under the title “Actual Science,” a scientist in a white lab coat explains how M&M’s peanut butter was heated to 3,000 degrees Centigrade, purifying it into graphite. The video speeds up to show flashes of images related to the diamond cutting and polishing process with the end result being a perfectly faceted diamond.

As Owens looks at a handful of diamonds held by the scientist all he can do is sigh as he is patted on the shoulder by the Green M&M’s character.

Then Smith gets a look at the diamonds and laments, “Four times,” referencing his four Super Bowl appearances without a win. The scientist responds, “I remember.”

The closing scene shows Ms. Brown M&M’s (yes, that’s her official name) and Yellow M&M’s looking at the Almost Champions ring on her big screen television.

“Wow, that was something,” she says.

“The peanut butter M&M’s?” asks the Yellow M&M’s character. “Or my movie trailer voice?”

“The M&M’s Super Bowl campaign highlights the essence of sportsmanship for me — celebrating all players for the endless, demanding effort they put into their craft while enjoying the fun of the game,” noted Hall-of-Famer Marino.

“Historically only one team walks away with a championship ring,” he continued, “but Mars’ inclusive message to inspire moments of happiness and to bring fun to everyone on and off the field really resonated with me. Just like the game itself, stay tuned for the ad’s full release as there are always some surprising twists.”

Notes Mars in its press release, “At long last, Almost Champions everywhere can raise their glittering hands in triumph.”

Check out the trailer here…

Images courtesy of Mars, Incorporated.


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