About Elliott's Jewelers

With more than 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry Elliott Herzlich brings passion and professionalism to customers nationwide who are in the market for fine jewelry.

Herzlich’s interest in jewelry was cultivated from a young age. His father and grandfather were both diamond cutters in New York in the 1940’s. It was from them that he learned the value of the sentiment and stories behind the sale of fine jewelry pieces, and he still has the diamond engagement ring his father cut for his mother in New York City.

Time and technology has brought many changes to the jewelry industry, but Elliott’s business model remains the same.

“I love the jewelry business because it provides me with the opportunity to create beautiful, memorable and emotional pieces for customers who become lifelong friends. I get to be part of so many important celebrations in life, including marriage proposals, anniversaries and birthdays. How great is that?”

Elliott Herzlich

As a jewelry designer, appraiser and a curator of previously owned fine jewelry, Elliott searches every day to find unique, one-of-a kind jewelry pieces he knows his customers will love to wear. From jewelry stores vaults to estate buys and manufacturer closeouts, he curates exquisite pieces at sensational prices to bring his buyers quality and value for all their fine jewelry needs.

Elliott’s Jewelers specializes in custom creations and gold jewelry, and  as well as classic pieces such as diamonds, pearls and colored stones which create the foundation of every jewelry collection. Elliott’s Jewelers also offers a unique selection of loose diamonds, birthday, anniversary, holiday and occasion gifts as well as engagement and bridal jewelry.

A gift of fine jewelry from Elliott’s Jewelers represents quality and value, as well as an investment in love and commitment. If you’re looking for a truly priceless gift that will last from generation to generation, look no further than Elliott’s Jewelers.