Natural Diamonds

Discover the Brilliance of Natural Diamonds at Elliott’s Jewelers

At Elliott’s Jewelers, our passion for natural diamonds and unparalleled expertise are evident in every piece of our collection. Each diamond we select tells a unique story, crafted to shine and share your personal tale. Whether you choose from our curated collection or engage in a custom design collaboration, you can trust us to help you discover the perfect natural diamond.

Natural Diamonds for a Lifetime

Every natural diamond selected at Elliott’s holds lifelong value. With our exclusive trade-in and trade-up options, your diamond’s value grows along with you, making each upgrade a step towards a grander expression of your personal journey. 

Celebrate Every Chapter

Milestone Diamonds

Life’s milestones deserve to be commemorated with something as enduring and timeless as our diamonds. At Elliott’s, we offer a special collection of milestone diamonds perfect for birthdays, baby arrival gifts, professional achievements, and personal triumphs. Each piece is thoughtfully selected to mark your special occasions and become a cherished part of your legacy.

Anniversary Diamonds

Anniversary diamonds are perfect symbols of growing commitment, traditionally gifted to mark each year of marriage. These gems are set according to the wearer’s preference, allowing for personalized designs that resonate with individual style. Start with a diamond necklace to symbolize the foundation of your union, then add matching earrings and a bracelet over subsequent anniversaries to build a collection that grows with your love. Each piece not only signifies the indestructibility of your bond but also becomes part of a lasting legacy to be cherished through generations. As your love deepens, so too can the size and significance of each diamond, marking milestones in a tangible, ever-expanding celebration.

Our Diamond Essentials

Eternity Bands

Symbolizing everlasting love, our range of eternity bands features flawless natural diamonds set in stunning designs. Whether it’s for an anniversary or just a heartfelt token, these bands are timeless gifts that celebrate enduring bonds.


From classic studs to elaborate drops, our earrings are crafted to enhance every occasion. Using only the finest natural diamonds, Elliott’s ensures that each pair radiates with a fire that captures all eyes in the room.


A diamond pendant from Elliott’s is more than an accessory; it’s a statement. Our meticulously crafted pendants range from simple diamond solitaires to intricate designs that embody sophistication and elegance.

Ready to create your own unique piece with a natural diamond?

At Elliott’s Jewelers, we’re excited to help you design something truly special. Book your appointment today and start the journey towards crafting your personal legacy with us.