The Jewelry Appraisal Process at Elliott’s Jewelers: How It Works

To you, that piece of jewelry is priceless. But sometimes you want to know how much the market values your precious stone. Elliott’s Jewelers has a highly accurate process that is easy for the customers, and yet provides the thoroughness you need in a jewelry appraisal.

Huntsville, TX Jewelry Appraisal:
The 6-Step Process at Elliott’s Jewelers

If you’re ready to have your jewelry appraised, here is the six-step process you can expect when you stop by for owner Elliott Herzlich’s personalized service.

Step 1:

You Book an Appointment

The first step is to reach out to us to set up an appointment so we can get a good look at your precious gem. Call us at (936) 661-5363 or book an appointment online and we’ll get in touch with you to set up a time that is convenient for you.

Step 2:

You Bring the Items In

On the day of your appointment, gather all of the items – carefully! – that you want us to appraise and bring them with you. We’ll take a long, deep look at each piece and give them the tender loving care and attention they require. After all, if they’re precious to you, they’re precious to us.

Step 3:

You Sit Down With Us

When you arrive, you’ll sit down with one of our jewelry experts so we can listen to you tell us about your gems – including all the fascinating details about what makes it special. We’ll carefully gather all of the relevant information for the appraisal, taking detailed notes so that nothing is missed during the process.

Step 4:

We Inspect the Jewelry

Using our expertise and state-of-the-art appraisal equipment, we will inspect your jewelry. We will take note of every glint and glimmer of each magnificent stone, personally absorbing the glamor and glory that makes it unique. Then we’ll assess a value for your piece based on gemstone quality, rarity, cut, and so on.

Step 5:

You Pay for Your Appraisal

Before we get started, you’ll have a quote in hand, and this is the point where you will pay the balance. The charge is $135. for the first item, and then $90. for each additional item. If any of your pieces are damaged, don’t worry, we can restore them! We’ll provide a quote for repairing them should you choose to do so. We can even get them insured. Just ask!

Step 6:

We Provide an Accurate Appraisal Within 2-4 Days

With all of the necessary information in hand, it’s time to deliver our thorough, written appraisal to you. We will conduct a detailed inspection of your jewelry and provide you with your appraisal within two to four days of your visit to our office. Please note that we do not provide on-the-spot appraisals. We want to make sure our appraisal is the very best possible!

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At Elliott’s Jewelers, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible appraisal for your jewelry. Our jewelry experts are trained and certified in jewelry appraisal, and we take the time to make sure the appraisal is done right. If you’re looking for jewelry appraisal in Huntsville, TX that you know you can trust, contact us today to book an appointment.

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