Free Services

Maybe there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but at Elliott’s Jewelers, we have an ever growing list of free services we know you will love!

Free Services at Elliott’s Jewelers

Free Jewelry Cleaning

Diamonds always look bigger when they’re clean. We have people bring in up to three pieces that they are wearing. Have a special event coming up? Take advantage of our free service and get your jewelry looking its best…free.

Free Jewelry Polishing

One step above jewelry cleaning is polishing. This gets out all the nicks and scratches from normal wear and tear. People often comment that they can never get their jewelry looking as good as we do at home. The secret is–we cheat. By removing the surface abrasion off your jewelry, we are exposing the brighter surfaces underneath–like exfoliating.

Free Prong Inspection

I can’t even comment on all the clients we meet who have been married for decades and have never had their rings in for service. It only takes a minute, but having your prongs checked by a pro on a regular basis (when you bring it in for free cleaning) can alert you to easily repaired/less expensive solutions before you lose a stone. Think of it as preventative maintenance.

Free Appraisal Consultations

Clients want to know the value of their jewelry for several different reasons. Just to know, for resale, for liquidation, for insurance, etc. Some items we group together in an appraisal (gold items without stones) and some require more extensive research. We sit down with you and sort through your options and help answer insurance related questions you might have. It’s best to call first and schedule an appointment.

Free Custom Design Consultations

We recognize you’re not a jewelry professional (probably) and have no idea how much a dream piece of jewelry might cost. Bring in your inspiration (costume pieces, catalog, magazine ad, internet pic) and any available trade-in gold & diamonds, and we will map out the design, out of pocket cost, and timeframe free.

Free Jewelry Box Sort

This is perhaps one of our most valuable services. Bring in your box of jewelry (this especially helps when you’ve inherited a bunch of mixed jewelry) and we sit down with you and sort out the gold from the silver from the costume jewelry. Now that it’s sorted, we can restore it, repair it, or size it very quickly. You also have the option to trade it in towards a project, finished jewelry, or repair work. We can also buy it or give you a short term loan against it.


Free Diamond Testing

Several a day come in to see if their diamonds are the real deal. Whether you found it in a parking lot or suspect a fake, we test it in seconds so you know. Peace of mind is priceless.

Free Ring Size Measurement

Perhaps you’ve ordered something on the internet or maybe you’re thinking of a future purchase, we measure your ring size for you without fuss. We also explain that different ring styles fit differently, so let us know if it’s going to be a narrow or wide band.

Free Courtesy Call/Text Message

When repairs/appraisals are ready, you’re the first to know. Our company policy is to call or text you as soon as repairs are completed (in case you’re still in the neighborhood). You can then pick it up at your leisure. Most of our repairs and appraisals are completed ahead of schedule.

Free Silver Polishing Cloth with Silver Purchase

Part of keeping your jewelry looking beautiful. These little polishing cloths work on sterling silver, gold, costume jewelry, etc. We offer free jewelry cleaning, but this little cloth will help you keep a perfect shine between visits. It also works great of shiny knickknacks around the house–I use mine to cheat with silver photo frames. (while supplies last)

Online Buy/Sell Mediation

We want our clients to stay safe. When selling or buying on Craigslist, Ebay, FB Marketplace, OfferUp or to a Private Individual there is an element of danger. We recommend you don’t expose your home or workplace to potential sellers/buyers. We invite you to meet at our shop in a comfortable, professional atmosphere. We can diamond test, ring size, appraise, engrave your latest purchase/sale for you.

Free Pocketwatch Look-up

Just a geeky hobby of mine: we can usually trace the origins of old pocketwatches. Curious about one of yours? Just ask.