Singer Gwen Stefani Shares Why Valentine’s Day Was Extra Special This Year

Rocking a bedazzled manicure and rings on five fingers, three-time Grammy winner Gwen Stefani coyly revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! why her Valentine’s Day gift from hubby and country music star Blake Shelton was extra special this year.

“I got my Valentine’s present early this year,” the “Don’t Speak” singer said, as she casually lifted her right hand near her face and tapped a beautiful emerald ring with the pointer of her left hand. Kimmel’s audience let out a collective cheer.

While Stefani tried to queue up a clear shot of her ring for the studio cameras, it became clear that Stefani really likes fine jewelry. She wore two rings on her left hand and three on her right.

“It looks like you got a few Valentine’s presents,” Kimmel joked before asking if Shelton picks out the gifts himself, or if he has some friend that helps.

“He really mixed it up,” the 54-year-old Stefani said. “Usually I get amazing flowers, which I love, love, love, but this was just a, ‘Here you go!’ Yeah, he did the whole thing. I love you Blakey!”

The Valentine’s Day ring appears to feature a large oval emerald surrounded by florets of colorless accent diamonds. Last year, she received a massive assortment of pink and red roses.

Stefani and Kimmel laughed about how the talk show host’s previous recommendation for a Valentine’s gift for Shelton, 47, was a big hit.

“He got a lot of use out out it,” she said of the flame thrower.

Shelton was on set to join his wife for the debut of their newest release, “Purple Irises,” a song about how true love can endure the aging process.

In a 2022 interview with Access Hollywood, Stefani revealed Shelton’s all-time most romantic gift.

“Blake wrote our vows as a song,” she said. “That was pretty up there. Try to top that, guys!”

Stefani and Shelton met while starring on The Voice in 2014. They began dating in 2015 and wed in 2021.

Check out Kimmel’s interview with Stefani, below. The discussion about her Valentine’s Day present starts at 2:32.

Credits: Screen captures via / Jimmy Kimmel Live.


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