Jewelers Mutual Offers Tips for Traveling Confidently With Fine Jewelry in Tow

With many of you starting to plan your summer vacations, it’s important to take note of the best ways to safeguard your fine jewelry when traveling. The importance of getting this right can’t be overstated. In a recent survey by Jewelers Mutual (JM), nearly all respondents admitted to bringing their treasured pieces with them on holiday, while a surprisingly large chunk also reported suffering a loss.

For many women, their engagement ring is, by far, the most expensive piece of jewelry they possess, yet a whopping 87% of respondents regularly travel with this precious keepsake.

The pleasure of wearing your best jewelry on holiday has to be weighed against the risks. The JM survey revealed that a whopping 35% of respondents reported losing jewelry away from home. (Hotel rooms emerged as the most common location for such misfortunes).

JM recommends balancing fashion options with the purpose of your trip. If you are going to a beachy resort, you may get away with a few pieces of casual jewelry or no jewelry at all. If you’re traveling for work or attending a destination wedding, it’s likely your better jewelry will be making the trip.

Says JM, be sure to take an inventory of the pieces you choose to bring for your records. Pack them securely in your carry-on bag and wear any jewelry that reasonably suits your traveling attire. For added security, avoid wearing overly flashy or expensive jewelry while traveling.

Make sure to keep the carry-on bag in your sight at all times. That includes offers of help from airport staff, cab drivers, bellhops and the like.

If you do decide to remove your jewelry for whatever reason, put it into your carry-on bag, not in a TSA bin or bowl.

Never, never, never pack your fine jewelry in checked luggage.

According to the JM survey, approximately 40% of respondents said they insure their travel jewelry. Yet, nearly half of these individuals rely on their homeowners’ policies, which typically have lower, insufficient coverage limits for jewelry.

In fact, about 50% of travelers attested they were uncertain whether their insurance policies provided adequate coverage while traveling abroad.

Travelers with insurance were more likely to secure their jewelry in hotel safes and dedicated travel cases, while those without insurance tended to keep their jewelry close by during their travels, reported JM.

The JM study also revealed that younger adults are more likely to opt for specialized jewelry insurance, recognizing the unique advantages it offers in safeguarding their precious possessions beyond traditional homeowners’ or renters’ policies.

“Our goal is to educate and empower consumers to safeguard their jewelry so they can wear it without worry,” said Howard Stone, vice president of Global Risk Services and Analytics at Jewelers Mutual. “The insights gained from our latest study underscore the need for more informed decision-making when it comes to traveling with jewelry, and we are committed to being a trusted advisor for loss prevention education and helping consumers keep themselves and their jewelry safe.”

The Jewelers Mutual study of 300 adults was conducted in August of 2023 by via an online survey.

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