FedEx Superhero Joe Rushes Rings to a Beach Wedding in Latest Ad Campaign

A FedEx courier rushes bridal jewelry to a beach wedding in the company’s newly launched animated ad campaign titled “Tall Tales of True Deliveries.”

The 30-second spots created by New York-based agency BBDO position FedEx employees as superheroes in a series that will drive home the theme that their dedicated team will always go the extra mile.

In the first ad of the series, we listen to the first-hand account of a real-life courier named Joe, who became an unconventional ring bearer in this true FedEx story.

As the commercial begins, we see Joe attempting to deliver an important parcel to a home. But, when he arrives at the destination, there’s a handwritten note on the door…

Says Joe, “Well, I was on my regular route, when I find this note… Bring rings to beach wedding?”

Dramatic music rises and the announcer proclaims, “FedEx presents Tall Tales of True Deliveries.”

“So I grabbed the rings and hustled down the beach,” says Joe, who entered one side of his truck wearing his uniform and exited the other side wearing a FedEx-monogrammed tuxedo. A moment later, we see him dashing to the beach, package in hand.

In the next scene, we see the dramatic silhouette of the bride and groom at the beach. The wedding officiant asks the bridal couple, “Who has the rings?” and out of frame, we hear Joe say, “I do.. I mean I do.”

Joe presents the box to the couple, they take a look at their rings and they seemed delighted. The FedEx employee has saved the day, just in the nick of time.

The proud Fedex employee walks away from ceremony, checking off “Save Wedding” on his list of daily to-dos, which also included “Deliver Baby” and “Fight Off Gator.”

At this point, an animated Joe morphs into the real-life version.

“Just another day on the job,” he says.

The Fedex voice-over announcer punctuates the commercial with the tagline, “If this is what we did for love, see what we can do for your business.”

A landing page created especially for the campaign explains that not all heroes wear capes. Some wear FedEx uniforms. And the story of the beach wedding is true, according to FedEx.

Notes the global delivery company on the Delivery Stories page, “Meet some of those heroes and hear their stories. And know you can rely on them — and 500,000+ other FedEx team members — to go the distance to deliver for you. Absolutely, Positively FedEx.”

Check out FedEx’s wedding ring commercial, below.

Credits: Screen captures via / FedEx.


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