Fake Traffic Stop by Eau Claire Police Turns Into Surprise Marriage Proposal

Moriah Prichard tried to keep her cool as her boyfriend, Troy Goldschmidt, was being detained during a routine traffic stop in front of the Pablo Center in downtown Eau Claire, WI.

Officers Maggie Anderson and Josh Miller had pulled the couple over, claiming that one of the car’s tail lights was out. But then Miller instructed Goldschmidt, who was driving, to step out of the car because there was an issue with his license.

The situation got even more dicey when Officer Anderson asked Prichard to get out of the car and Officer Miller seemed to be placing her boyfriend under arrest. Goldschmidt was on one knee with his hands behind his back.

“My nervousness was growing a little bit, but I thought it must just be a mistake,” Prichard told WQOW News 18. “Looked over my shoulder and noticed his hands were being put behind his back, and I was definitely starting to get a little concerned.”

Prichard’s despair turned to elation when Goldschmidt — still on one knee — professed his love and presented the ring box he was hiding behind his back. Yes, the traffic stop was a carefully orchestrated ruse.

“I love you so much. You are my best friend,” he began. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Would you marry me?”

Without hesitation, Prichard said “Yes.”

At that point, he opened the box, stood up and put the engagement ring on her finger.

The officers congratulated the couple as hugs and handshakes were shared all around.

“You guys have been awesome,” Goldschmidt told the officers.

Then the groom-to-be asked his new fiancée if she liked the ring.

“It’s gorgeous!” she exclaimed.

The Eau Claire Police Department shared the body cam footage on its official Facebook page under the caption, “You never know what’s going to happen on a traffic stop.”

The Wausau couple had a great time when they visited Eau Claire back in March and were impressed by how friendly the people were. In fact, Prichard had lost her phone on that trip and Officer Anderson helped her recover it.

Goldschmidt was certain that he would return to Eau Claire with his girlfriend in late November when he was planning to propose.

“They had a very positive experience with Officer Andersen, and Troy was hoping she could be involved in the proposal,” officer Miller told News 18. “Troy said they were coming into town again… to see a show, so he and I coordinated to do a traffic stop on them when they got into town.”

You can check out the three-minute video here…

According to WEAU 13 News, both Goldschmidt’s and Prichard’s families were inside The District Pub & Grill watching the proposal happen across the street.

Commenting on the video post, Goldschmidt wrote, “Thank you so much, ECPD! I’m glad you had the video because I barely remember what I said. Neither Moriah and I have been able to stop smiling!”

A spokesperson for the ECPD responded, “It was such a pleasure to be a part of your special moment. Congrats to you both!”

On her own Facebook page, Prichard noted that she is not a big social media user, but HAD to share the ECPD video, writing, “Thank you SO much Eau Claire Police Department for volunteering your time! And Troy Goldschmidt for your love, care and creativity! I couldn’t be happier, and I can’t WAIT to spend the rest of my life with you! Excuse me while I go practice writing my new last name…”

Credits: Screen captures via Facebook / EauClairePD.


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