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Corona Necklace by Elliott's Jewelers

Corona by Elliott's Jewelers The Great American Eclipse Jewelry

Millions of Americans saw the sight of a lifetime on August 21, 2017 when a rare total solar eclipse covered across the nation. Day turned to night for two minutes and the sky’s most beautiful spectacle, the Sun’s Corona, revealed itself in grandeur.

Elliott’s Jewelers has designed a special necklace named “Corona” to commemorate this once in a lifetime event.

We are making this necklace two ways one in precious sterling silver and is set with Black Onyx and sparkling cubic zirconia gemstones that is attached to a sterling silver neck chain that is adjustable up to 22 inches long. Or in 14 kt white or yellow gold set with Black Onyx and genuine Diamonds.

This special necklace can only be purchased through Elliott’s Jewelers in Clarksville, TN.

This total solar eclipse was unlike anything you’ve seen in your life. People across the nation saw an eerie quality of sunlight as totality approached, followed by the astonishing sight of day turning to night and the Sun’s corona blazing in the sky.

This necklace is something you won’t want to miss purchasing. It is a symbol of this once-in-a-lifetime event and will only be offered for a limited time and will be talked about for many years after.



Corona by Elliott's Jewelers - The Great American Eclipse Jewelry


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